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CM RM-01U Digital RPM Meter Tachometer Pocket SIZE

  • CM RM-01U  Digital RPM Meter Tachometer Pocket  SIZE

CM RM-01U Digital RPM Meter Tachometer Pocket SIZE

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Digital RPM Meter Tachometer Pocket Size

(Rotating meter / Tachometer)

Designed and Developed in Japan


1. Non-contact rotational RPM Meter (Rotating meter or Tachometer) with reflective adhesive markers

2. Useful in whole relative market for measuring or counting rotational speed

   (example; Automobile, Motor cycle, Experiment equipment in School, and other fields)

3. Compact and Lightweight


2 units selectable among rpm or rps*

  *rpm; Revolutions Per Minute, rps; Revolutions Per Second

9 positions/items memory input

Blue-back Backlight

Releasable Auto Power off (10min)

Displayable Hold, Max, Min, Ave and delta (difference) Measurements




 Hold Function
 Max/Min Display Function
 Average Display Function
 Auto Power Off (10min and Releasable)



<Spec> Digital RPM Meter RM-01U (Rotating meter / Tachometer)

Unit: rpm, rps


 Range  100.00 to 99999.9 rpm
 Resolution  0.1 rpm: 100 to 19999.9 rpm, 1 rpm: other range
 Accuracy  ±(0.02% rdg + 1 dgt)
 Measurement Rate  2 times/sec.
 Measuring Distance  100 to 400 mm with reflecting tape
 Operating environment  0 to +50°C, below 80%RH (No Condensation)
 Storage environment  -20 to +60°C, below 70%RH (No Condensation)
 Power Supply  AAA (1.5V) battery 2 pc(s)
 Battery Life  Approx. 30 hours (Alkaline battery)
 Size  W50 x H104.6 x D20.6 mm
 W50.9 x H132.9 x D24.7 mm with Protection Jacket
 Weight  Approx. 115g including protection jacket and battery
 Accessory  Operating instruction, Protection Jacket, Wrist Strap
 Reflecting Tape


**Suggested ideal measurement distance: 10 to 40cm

  Distance between 10 and 20cm: Marker 1 x 2cm (H x L)

  Distance between 20 and 30cm: Marker 2 x 3cm (H x L)

  Distance between 30 and 40cm: Marker 2 x 5cm (H x L)