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high Quality & Specialized Items

Shelving Parts

RA 2000GA 2000MM (118316)

S$21.67 Ex Tax: S$20.25

RA 4-800BU SHELF BIN (136693)

S$13.80 Ex Tax: S$12.90

RA 5-600BU SHELF BIN (136709)

S$13.91 Ex Tax: S$13.00

RA 6-1100BU SHELF BIN (136716)

S$15.52 Ex Tax: S$14.50

RA 7-1600BU SHELF BIN (136730)

S$18.83 Ex Tax: S$17.60

RA 8-2000BU SHELF BIN (136723)

S$21.67 Ex Tax: S$20.25

RA 9-2800BU SHELF BIN (136747)

S$25.41 Ex Tax: S$23.75

RA 9031GA SHELF (118071)

S$23.11 Ex Tax: S$21.60

RA 9040GA SHELF (118088)

S$26.11 Ex Tax: S$24.40

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