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high Quality & Specialized Items


KM 7229A Precision Test Leads

S$166.92 Ex Tax: S$156.00

KM 7234 Crocodile Clip Test Lead

S$48.15 Ex Tax: S$45.00

KM 7238A Test Leads

S$50.83 Ex Tax: S$47.50

KM 7246 Test Leads

S$267.50 Ex Tax: S$250.00

KM 7247 Test Lead

S$89.88 Ex Tax: S$84.00

KM 7248 Test Lead

S$38.84 Ex Tax: S$36.30

KM 7253 Probe with Alligator Clip

S$357.38 Ex Tax: S$334.00

KM 7254 probe with Alligator

S$357.38 Ex Tax: S$334.00

KM 7256 Output Cord

S$16.05 Ex Tax: S$15.00

KM 8016 Hook type prod

S$17.12 Ex Tax: S$16.00

KM 8017 Extension prod

S$9.63 Ex Tax: S$9.00

KM 8032 Auxiliary earth spikes

S$27.82 Ex Tax: S$26.00

KM 8072 CAT.II Standard prod

S$17.12 Ex Tax: S$16.00

KM 8200-04 Cord reel

S$44.73 Ex Tax: S$41.80

KM 8212-RS232C

S$160.50 Ex Tax: S$150.00

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