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high Quality & Specialized Items


KM 8212-USB

S$107.00 Ex Tax: S$100.00

KM 8216 Temperature Probe

S$42.80 Ex Tax: S$40.00

KM 8253 CAT.III Standard prod

S$4.28 Ex Tax: S$4.00

KM 8304 Resistor for operation check

S$53.50 Ex Tax: S$50.00

KM 8320 AC Adaptor (External power supply)

S$142.31 S$149.80 Ex Tax: S$133.00

KM 8405 Temperature Probe

S$375.57 S$417.30 Ex Tax: S$351.00

KM 8406 Temperature Probe

S$327.42 Ex Tax: S$306.00

KM 8407 Temperature Probe

S$268.14 S$298.00 Ex Tax: S$250.60

KM 8408 Temperature Probe

S$268.20 S$298.00 Ex Tax: S$250.65

KM 9084 Carrying case

S$14.98 Ex Tax: S$14.00

KM 9095 Carrying case

S$8.56 Ex Tax: S$8.00

KM 9128 Carrying case only

S$86.67 Ex Tax: S$81.00

KM 9132 Carrying case with magnet

S$134.18 S$148.94 Ex Tax: S$125.40

KM 9135 Carrying case

S$74.90 S$80.25 Ex Tax: S$70.00

KM 9159 Hard Case

S$86.67 Ex Tax: S$81.00

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