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KM 4300 New Simplified Eath Tester

  • KM 4300 New Simplified Eath Tester

KM 4300 New Simplified Eath Tester

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Instruction Manual

KEW 4300 is simplified earth resistance tester (based on 2-pole method) that can be used for various distribution lines and electrical appliances and it also can measure AC/DC voltage. (As for AC Voltages, true rms values can be obtained.)
200/2000Ω (2 ranges): auto-ranging.
Warning buzzer triggered at 100Ω or less.
LED lights up when a large earth voltage is detected.
Live circuit warning when 30V or higher voltage is detected. (KEW 4300 detects voltage even when measuring resistances.)
LED light for illuminating measurement points.
(It turns on/off automatically in relation to the ambient brightness.)
Small test current (max 2mA) not triggering RCD.


Earth resistance ranges 200.0/2000Ω (Auto ranging)
Voltage ranges AC: 5.0 ~ 300.0V (45 ~ 65Hz)±1%rdg±4dgt
DC: ±5.0 ~ 300.0V±1%rdg±8dgt
Applicable standards IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V pollution degree 2
IEC 61010-031, 61557-1, -5
IEC 61326-1, 2-2, IEC 60529 (IP40)
Withstand voltage 3540V AC for 5 seconds
(between the electrical circuit and enclosure)
Power source Size AA alkaline battery × 2pcs
Dimensions 232(L) × 51(W) × 42(D)mm
Weight 220g approx. (including battery)
Accessories 7248 (Test lead with Alligator clip and Flat test probe)
8072 (CAT.II Standard prod)
8253 (CAT.III Standard prod)
8017 (Extension prod long)
9161 (Carrying case)
Instruction manual, LR6 (AA) × 2



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