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Sensors, Multi-Trans,Clamp Adaptors

KM 8006 Clamp Adaptor

S$159.03 S$167.40 Ex Tax: S$147.25

KM 8008 Multi-Trans

S$283.18 Ex Tax: S$262.20

KM 8112 Clamp Adaptor

S$264.60 Ex Tax: S$245.00

KM 8112BNC Clamp Adaptor

S$358.07 S$376.92 Ex Tax: S$331.55

KM 8115 New AC/DC Clamp Sensor

S$306.77 S$322.92 Ex Tax: S$284.05

KM 8121 Load current clamp sensor

S$92.88 Ex Tax: S$86.00

KM 8122 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$113.89 S$119.88 Ex Tax: S$105.45

KM 8123 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$131.33 S$138.24 Ex Tax: S$121.60

KM 8124 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$306.77 S$322.92 Ex Tax: S$284.05

KM 8125 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$200.07 S$205.20 Ex Tax: S$185.25

KM 8126 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$221.18 S$238.68 Ex Tax: S$204.80

KM 8127 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$187.76 S$194.40 Ex Tax: S$173.85

KM 8128 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$188.68 S$203.04 Ex Tax: S$174.70

KM 8141 Leakage Current Clamp Sensor

S$252.40 S$274.32 Ex Tax: S$233.70

KM 8142 Leakage current clamp sensor

S$300.24 S$315.36 Ex Tax: S$278.00

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