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KM 8115 New AC/DC Clamp Sensor

S$303.93 S$319.93 Ex Tax: S$284.05

KM 8122 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$112.83 S$118.77 Ex Tax: S$105.45

KM 8123 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$130.11 S$136.96 Ex Tax: S$121.60

KM 8124 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$303.93 S$319.93 Ex Tax: S$284.05

KM 8125 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$198.22 S$203.30 Ex Tax: S$185.25

KM 8126 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$219.14 S$236.47 Ex Tax: S$204.80

KM 8127 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$186.02 S$192.60 Ex Tax: S$173.85

KM 8128 Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$186.93 S$201.16 Ex Tax: S$174.70

KM 8129-01 (1 channel) Flexible Clamp Sensor

S$460.64 S$508.68 Ex Tax: S$430.50

KM 8129-02(2channel) Flexible Clamp Sensor

S$810.63 S$896.23 Ex Tax: S$757.60

KM 8129-03 (3channel) Flexible Clamp Sensor

S$1,161.75 S$1,284.00 Ex Tax: S$1,085.75

KM 8141 Leakage Current Clamp Sensor

S$250.06 S$271.78 Ex Tax: S$233.70

KM 8142 Leakage current clamp sensor

S$297.46 S$312.44 Ex Tax: S$278.00

KM 8143 Leakage Current Clamp Sensor

S$412.91 S$433.35 Ex Tax: S$385.90

KM 8146 Leakage and load Current Clamp Sensor

S$181.90 S$192.60 Ex Tax: S$170.00

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