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KM 8129-02(2channel) Flexible Clamp Sensor

S$818.21 S$904.61 Ex Tax: S$757.60

KM 8141 Leakage Current Clamp Sensor

S$252.40 S$274.32 Ex Tax: S$233.70

KM 8142 Leakage current clamp sensor

S$300.24 S$315.36 Ex Tax: S$278.00

KM 8143 Leakage Current Clamp Sensor

S$416.77 S$437.40 Ex Tax: S$385.90

KM 8146 Leakage and load Current Clamp Sensor

S$183.60 S$194.40 Ex Tax: S$170.00

KM 8147 Leakage and load Current Clamp Sensor

S$221.40 S$232.20 Ex Tax: S$205.00

KM 8148 Leakage and Load Current Clamp Sensor

S$295.70 S$311.04 Ex Tax: S$273.80

KM 8205A Multifunction and Safety Testers demo panel

S$995.22 S$1,026.00 Ex Tax: S$921.50

KM 8309 Voltage Sensor

S$129.60 S$140.40 Ex Tax: S$120.00

KM 8320 AC Adaptor (External power supply)

S$143.64 S$151.20 Ex Tax: S$133.00

KM 8405 Temperature Probe

S$379.08 S$421.20 Ex Tax: S$351.00

KM 8407 Temperature Probe

S$270.65 S$300.78 Ex Tax: S$250.60

KM 8408 Temperature Probe

S$270.70 S$300.78 Ex Tax: S$250.65

KM 9132 Carrying case with magnet

S$135.43 S$150.34 Ex Tax: S$125.40

KM 9135 Carrying case

S$75.60 S$81.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

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